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Possible System Conditions

Many system conditions not cared for may lead to further problems and security issues.

No matter which plan you choose, it will no doubt save you time and money as well as give you the peace of mind of knowing your system is being properly maintained. For more information regarding our preventive maintenance agreements email us or call 910.675.3629. Our friendly Service representatives are available to answer all your questions.
Condition Cause  Effect
Dirty Air Filters Improper Change Frequency
Improper Media Application
Too Much Outside Air
Compressor Failure
Restricted Evaporator Coil
Plugged Motor Passages
Dirty Blower Wheels
Bearing Failure
Increased Energy Consumption
Evaporator Motor Failure
Loss of Air Flow
Faulty Drive Belts Improper Belt Alignment
Wrong Size and Type
Sheave alignment & Wear
Bearing Wear
Compressor Failure
Pulley Replacement
Loss of Air Flow
Bearing Failure
Evaporator Motor Failure
Dirty Motors Overheating of Windings Motor Component Failure
Increased Electrical Consumption
Burnt Contact Points "Single Phased" Components
High Point Resistance
Compressor Failure
Premature Component Failure
Increased Electrical Consumption
Refrigerant Leaks Cracked Solder Joints
Improper System Charge
Safety Control Cycling
Loss of Lubrication
Compressor Failure
Increased Energy Consumption
Decrease in System Capacity
System Freeze-up
Plugged Drains Debris Build-up Flood-over onto Ceiling
Leaks onto Roof
Trash on Roof Left Behind by Contractors and
Roof Leaks
Roof Repairs
Unsafe Conditions
Missing/Loose Panels Improper Installation After
Servicing Wind Damage
Conditioned Air Lost
Water Filtration & Damage
Increased Energy Consumption
Equipment Damage
Rust and Corrosion

* All contracts include an annual chemical cleaning of your evaporator & condensing coils.

Priority Emergency Service - Should you have a breakdown, our own dispatched service technicians will respond to your call as a priority service call. We service our Elite Service Agreement customers first.

Discount on Repairs - When you have an Elite Service Agreement you are entitled to a 15% discount on all parts and equipment installed while under contract.
Service Contract Features and Benefits

Possible System Conditions
Residential Service Agreement
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