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Regular Maintenance

Elite Contracting Solutions offers regular maintenance and repairs for your particular need. Whether you have a residence or a place of business, we are qualified to care for your every need. Whether you are interested in a one time call or an ongoing relationship, cal or email us today!


What do I get with an Elite Service Agreement?

Systematic inspection.

Factory-trained technicians calibrate and test your unit, replace parts, and then test the various aspects for proper function. The entire systematic process of testing, diagnosing, and servicing helps to ensure that your unit will continue to produce precise, accurate, and consistent results all year long.

Technical support.

You will receive technical information upon request by phone or FAX, including the latest troubleshooting solutions.

Quick response and quality workmanship.

You will receive prompt attention from highly skilled service technicians who have extensive diagnostic and repair experience with your type of unit.

Less paperwork.

When you need service, having an Elite Service Agreement budgeted and in place reduces the paperwork associated with purchase orders, check request documentation, and billing codes.

Lower costs.

You get discounts on selected parts and labor. The scheduled maintenance agreement is designed to keep your unit up and running so you avoid costly downtime and unexpected bills.

Always Ask Questions

Before you choose a company to do your work for you, take time to prepare your list and ask some questions. Remember, you are the one who will have to live with the work when it is completed. Click here to see what questions you should ask.

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Feel free to contact us about our quality products and service. Please follow the link below to submit a request for service with a time and day that would be good for you. Thank You!

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