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Maintenance Tips

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

1. What is the company's reputation.

2. What am I paying for?

3. Am I getting a real preventive maintenance program, or just high priced filter changes?

4. Are the cleanings and checks done by a CFC certified (required by law to handle refrigerant) and qualified technician who knows what they are doing and takes pride in their work, or an inexperienced and unqualified person trying to make their 40 hours for the week at your expense?

5. Are the preventive maintenance checks I am paying for being done?

6. Does the company comply with state and local codes?

7. Does the company have continual formal training for their technicians to assure you have the best quality service?

8. If anything goes wrong, does the company have adequate insurance to cover your losses?

9. Will the company stand behind their work?

10. Ask the company how long they have been in business. Common sense says that older, more established companies will have a better record or customer satisfaction.

11. Is the company properly licensed? Only licensed HVAC contractors can legally purchase the refrigerant needed for air conditioners and heat pumps.

12. Is the company financially responsible?

13. Does the company drug test and background screen all of its employees to assure the stability of its employees?


Little Known Facts about Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

* A loss of 20% in airflow reduces air conditioning efficiency by 17%. Dirty filters, clogged coils or a loose belt can cause this. Changing the filters frequently, cleaning the indoor coil and changing the belts annually can prevent all of these symptoms, which is included in the price our our Service Contract Agreement.

* A 10% loss of refrigerant will increase energy costs by 15%.

* A 23% loss of refrigerant will increase energy costs by 52%. Elite checks the refrigerant charge annually as part of our Service Contract Agreement.

* Every 1/100th of an inch of dirt on the indoor coil will increase energy costs by 5%. Elite cleans the indoor coil annually as part of our Service Contract Agreement to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust.

* A dirty outdoor coil, which raises condensing temperatures from 95 degrees to 105 degrees, will reduce air conditioning capacity by 7% and increase energy costs by 10%. Elite cleans the outdoor coil annually as part of our Service Contract Agreement to prevent an excessively dirty outdoor coil.

* Blower belts are made of rubber and need timely changes to keep them from breaking or stretching beyond usable limits. Once a belt breaks or becomes excessively loose, the indoor coil will freeze up and cause a real danger of permanent damage to the compressor. Elite changes the blower belt annually as part of our Service Contract Agreement to prevent this from happening due to lack of maintenance.

* A frequent service call is water leaking from the ceiling. A blocked water drain in the air conditioner usually causes this. Elite cleans out the drains annually as part of our Service Contract Agreement to prevent this from happening due to lack of maintenance.

Always Ask Questions

Before you choose a company to do your work for you, take time to prepare your list and ask some questions. Remember, you are the one who will have to live with the work when it is completed. Click here to see what questions you should ask.

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